Lollipop Is a dual mode compressor designed specifically for eurorack. Two different compression modes – FET and Vactrol – give two different flavours of compression. Choose the Vactrol for A crystal clear sound, choose the FET for dirt: try both, suck it and see.

Lollipop features a peak detecting envelope detector, variable attack / release / ratio / threshold, dedicated sidechain, dry/wet control and LED meter. The module is designed to work on a eurorack signal level of around 10Vpp.  As this signal level would not normally allow for deep compression within eurorack power supplies, the ratio is over compensated  to allow for ratio ‘over infinity’.
To get started, set the module as pictured: threshold to minimum (far right), input gain, attack and release all to 0 - (far left). Set the output gain to the small 0 marker, the dry/wet to far right (all wet) and the ratio to far right (full).

Make sure your signal is connected and turn the input gain up until the first led lights. This means your input signal is around 10Vpp, the signal level that will give best results.

From here adjust the threshold and ratio to suit your needs.  the threshold controls the point at which the unit will start to compress, the ratio controls the amount of gain reduction after that point is reached. if you are seeking maximum compression, turn the ratio and threshold all the way up.
When a signal is plugged into the sidechain input, the unit automatically uses it as the trigger source. This input is however DC coupled! Square waves and pulse waves may give unpredictable results.
Max Attenuation: ~33dB
Ratio:  1:1 -   ‘over infinity’
Output Gain: -inf to 26.4 dB
LED meter: ~3Db PER led
In gain: from -inf to +13.5dB
Attack: 2mS -  300mS
Release: 30mS - 450mS
Dry/Wet: linear crossfader