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Lollipop | God's Box Modules
Lollipop | God's Box Modules


A compressor specifically designed for the eurorack: Sidechain it, duck it, squash it and crush it in either FET or vactrol modes.

Lollipop provides two different flavours of compression, Vactrol and FET modes, each with subtly different sounds and transient characteristics.

Lollipop features a peak detecting envelope detector, variable attack / release / ratio / threshold, dedicated sidechain, dry/wet control and LED meter. The module is designed to work on a eurorack signal level of around 10Vpp. The ratio is over compensated  to allow for ratio ‘over infinity’.

Width: 12HP
Power: +120mA / -45mA @+12V / -12V

Lollipop | God's Box Modules

Lollipop is on mk.2 changes in this version:

  • Threshold CV input replaced by envelope out
  • Threshold attenuator replaced by uni/bipolar
  • switch for controlling sidechain triggering
  • Ratio pot is logarithmic taper
  • Maximum release times have been increased
  • Offset calibration no longer necessary
  • FET is now MMBF4393, includes labelled holes so it can be replaced with original 2N3819 or any other FET